Want to learn a faster way to make splints for your upper extremity patients?

Functional Casting for the Upper Extremity

You can easily learn how to fabricate a faster, more comfortable splint while providing your patient with the stability they need to heal.

Functional Cast Therapy

In this 5 hour course, you will view detailed step by step instruction, demonstration, and fabrication of 6 common upper extremity functional cast orthoses from start to completion. You will also learn the variety of conservative and post operative diagnoses appropriate for each cast. 

Plus, get 5 hours of CE credit from HTCC (Hand Therapy Certification Commission). A certificate will be printed at the end of the course.

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Let me show you step by step

I have spent over 10 years perfecting my functional cast therapy skills. And I am bringing you all my tips and tricks to help you avoid the frustration of learning a new skill.

Patients truly love the stability these casts provide over traditional over-the-counter braces and thermoplastic splints. I honestly, recommend all orthopedists, OT’s, and PT’s learn how to make these comfortable, light weight, removable casts for your patients. 

Functional Cast Therapy for the upper extremity

Functional Casting for the Upper Extremity

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