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Introductory Course

This beginner course is for you if you are interested in adding this convenient service to your existing practice or private practice. Or if you want to provide continuity of care for your patients that cannot travel to therapy due to time, weather, or location.

All participants will learn the definition of telehealth, review research, reimbursement, rules and regulations.

You will also be able to review the steps to determine if a patient is appropriate for teletherapy, what your role is as a hand therapist, and how to use this method to provide the same quality care as traditional face to face therapy sessions.

* Please note due to COVID, regulations and reimbursement information discussed in this course may not be up to date. We will do our best to provide links to the most current information as it is changing quickly. But know many of these rules may also be temporary due to the pandemic. 

What You Will Learn

This introductory course is designed for occupational therapists and physical therapists, who are certified hand therapists or upper extremity specialists, and would like to learn more about the emerging field of upper extremity teletherapy, a subspecialty of telehealth.

A little definition can’t hurt. We’ll define Telehealth, and the sub specialty teletherapy so you know what in the world it is.

We’ll discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using teletherapy in particular for UE injuries because there are A LOT. 

We’ll describe your role as a Certified Hand Therapist using teletherapy because it can be hard to wrap your head around this service model.

We’ll identify upper extremity conditions appropriate and inappropriate for telehealth, and what contraindications might exist, because telehealth is not for every patient. 

We’ll discuss telehealth reimbursement challenges and strategies; because I bet you are wondering who pays and how can you get paid.

We’ll review the steps of an evaluation and treatment plan for an upper extremity teletherapy patient. Because yes, you can do this without putting your hands on the patient. 

Finally, we’ll review over a somewhat overwhelming but DOABLE set-up checklist prior to starting your teletherapy practice. I wish someone would have given me this checklist when I started out!

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